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Chapter 5 "Abilian"

“Here it is! Let’s try to decode it”, the panda said.

Start from the rock:

Take 5  piedi  to your   freccia  till the mouth of the river

Then go 5  piedi  piedi along the river-bank

Turn Capitolo 5 "Abilian" and take 4  piedi more

Go 6 Capitolo 5 "Abilian"  piedi

Turn freccia and take 5 piedi more

A big Capitolo 5 "Abilian"  you will find, and from there Abilian you will see.

Capitolo 5 "Abilian"

piedi = 1 square                       = start

The panda followed all the directions.
Sometimes he made a mistake counting the steps, and he often had to go back and start again.
“Phew!” the panda snorted. “I have never been good at maths! Counting is so hard!”
Finally, he saw the bamboo tree.
“Hooray! I’ve done it! I’ve arrived!” he cried.
The panda started looking about, and he saw at once some beautifully coloured butterflies dancing in the open air; he smelled some heavily scented flowers, and heard the happy twittering of birds and the sound of calmly flowing brooks. He felt a soft carpet of fresh grass under his paws. There really was a nice scent in the air.


“How beautiful! This really is the right place for me”, the panda thought happily.
As he was hungry, he started to climb the bamboo tree in order to pluck the tenderest leaves. He was just about to savour their fine taste, when he was startled to see two big yellow eyes puzzlingly staring at him.
“Oh dear me! Who are you?” the panda said. “Did I disturb you?”
“No, you did not. I was just having a rest. I am an owl. I have never seen you in these parts! Perhaps you are new here?”


“Yes, I’ve just arrived”, the panda replied.
“Where are you from?” the owl asked.
“It’s a long story, but if you are not sleepy I’ll tell you.”
The curious owl accepted.

“A few days ago, I was banned from the tigers’ kingdom because they thought I was clumsy and slow. You know, I felt sad and lonely! I didn’t know where to go, and looking for a special place I got lost. Luckily, I found a bat who encouraged me by speaking about Abilian, and during the night he led me to the first clue in order to reach it.
The message said that I had to face a three-day’s walk in order to reach the sea and talk to the king of dolphins. I was in for a long and hard walk, but a squirrel came to my aid, and despite his usual hurry he helped me to gather a good store of food to carry on my journey.

As soon as I arrived at the sea, a kind turtle called the king of dolphins and helped me to talk to him. The dolphin led me to a rock where there was a second clue to reach Abilian. And now I am here!” the panda concluded.

“Goodness! I do not think you are clumsy and slow, considering that you have walked so long! On the contrary, I think you are a resourceful and brave panda”, the owl said.
“Dear owl, that’s very kind of you, but if I’m here now it’s mainly thanks to those friends whom I spoke about a few minutes ago”, the panda replied.
“So, it’s true that a good friend is worth his weight in gold!” the owl said.

“Yes! They were a real treasure for me. They were willing to get to know me and to listen to me, and everybody, each in their own way, helped me”, the panda said.
“Sure!” the owl said. “But you were willing to trust them as well. I see that you managed to find in their own specific skills some considerable resources which proved to be extremely helpful to you.”
“By the way,” the panda said, “by reading the clue, I understood that I could see Abilian from here.”
“Certainly!” the owl replied. “Get down from the tree and follow my instructions!”
“Phew! More directions! I won’t have to count, will I?” the panda asked.
“Don’t worry, I will guide you there.”
The grass was tall and fresh, and the panda, while stepping on it, left traces of his walk behind. Following the owl’s instructions from above, he arrived at the point he’d started from.
“How is this possible? We are now where we were before”, the panda moaned tiredly.

“Of course! Climb the tree again, and you will understand!” the owl said.
After climbing the tree, the panda looked at the path he had just traced walking on the grass.

“Wow! How wonderful! Now everything’s clear to me”, the panda cried. “Abilian is really a fantastic place!”

Panda felice



Go back to the map and follow the owl’s instructions; trace the path on the map and discover what Abilian is (1 step = 1 square).


Go 3 steps up across towards your right
Go 2 steps up right away
Go 1 step up across towards your left
Take 1 step left
Go 1 step down across towards your left
Go 1 step up across towards your left
Take 1 step left
Go 1 step down across towards your left
Go 2 steps down right away
Go again 3 steps down across towards your right




What does Abilian represent?

What is its meaning?


Read again the sentences highlighted in this chapter and write your own considerations.

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